Friday, September 14, 2012

Noah's on ICE!

Yes, it was Noah's first skating lesson. I can't believe my big boy is learning to skate, while mommy still can't skate at all yet. Well he did not really skate during his first lesson, it would have been a dream come true if my little boy can just skate beautifully like a pro...

Realistically it didn't happen that way. He just cried his lung out throughout the lesson! It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't because of that little boy that was in front of him crying out so loudly, and that freaked him out after seeing that other boy cries.

Anyway he didn't miss too much out, as you can see, most of the other kids are just crawling around like babies. Mine is just a lot smaller than the other babies. We'll just have to try again next week, hopefully he won't cry again.... and maybe.. just maybe he can start standing up.. walking... and finally skate!

 Just need one step at a time, so he can play hockey..that's what he has been telling everybody, he wants to play hockey...Mommy's proud of her little boy who is not even 3 years old yet.. perhaps he'll be a NHL player in the future, well he is already NHL.. that's his name.

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