Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Nancy

It's my friend, Nancy's birthday today. I made this cake yesterday, and called her this morning after I sent Noah to school, on my cellphone. I tried many times but she wasn't picking up. When I got home, I had eggs and milk on my front door, Nancy came and brought them to my house. She dropped them off after she sent her daughter to school. How funny, while I was looking for her, she was dropping the groceries at my house.

Anyway I finally got her and she came by and picked up her cake. She doesn't like too much sweet stuff, so I just made a small one for her. As you can see, it's nothing fancy, just a small plain little cake. I am getting tired and lazy. Sometimes I think to myself, is it worth to do all that for my friends? Do they really appreciate it?

And I wonder, something that you'll never get the answer.

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