Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Panda Bread, 2nd attempt

 My Panda Bread turn out alright this time. My friend told me I should watch the video of lingling instead if yoyomax on youtube. It was in Cantonese, so if you don't understand it, here's what it's about. I find it easier and it has the better measurement, 40g for the black, 120g for the white and 350g for green dough. I did not follow the exact, just use my own judgement.
 Firstly, you roll it out, make sure the dough is just a little bigger than the bread pan that your are going to use. Cut out a small piece on the side, as you can see the picture below, the one side is cut off, and put in the middle, in between the black dough. The black will be the ears of the panda.

 I had trouble rolling the black dough, it was quite dry and it keep shrinking back. I had to add a little water, and it didn't work. So I rolled it out and cut it into 4 stripes and then roll them up. It's not that round but that was the best I can do. Will try to make it better next time.

 Roll out the white dough, and cut one stripe out as in the picture above. It's for the middle part in between the eyes.

 Put the white dough on top of the 'ears'. Put the black eyes on top of the black ears, make sure the alignment is right above.

 Roll up the white part. Put a little bit of water and pinch them together

 Pinch the rest of the dough together, use a little bit of water.

 Turn it over carefully and put it in your bread pan. Cover it up and let it rise for an hour, or double in size. I put mine in the oven with the lights on.

 I had the extra dough I used it for buns. This is how it looked like after 45 minutes in my oven, ready to go.

 Ta-da... Finally my very own panda bread. The eyes doesn't look too freat, but well, it's better than the one before isn't it?

 This is my super soft buns with lotus filling inside. See you it became flat? I put too much pressure to open it, it is too soft.

The kids enjoying their panda bread. I was babysitting today, and maybe many more days to come (if I can handle so many kids). The little girl really liked the bread, and she wanted to take some home for her sister and mommy... she said "This bread is too good" in Chinese.

 I guess it's considered a success if they kids like it isn't it? I'll have to look for more fun things to bake with the kids. I think they will enjoy helping, and eating them afterwards. It's a good way to make Noah eat anything~

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