Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chinese Dumpling, Gao Zi

Lunch Menu's today was this Chinese dumpling. I had different types of Chinese dumplings before, and I've decided to make my very own style. Usually they put chives, ground pork, and other ingredients in, but I've tried once at my friend's house with fish and noodles, so I combined all the stuff that I liked, and make my own version.

I marinade the ground chicken with 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, soy sauce, some sugar, ground pepper, a stalk of finely chopped green onion, some chives, and mixed it in with a couple shrimps. After mixing them together with some bean noodles, I wrapped them up in the dumpling wrappers, as shown in picture. I saw my mom wrapped the curry puffs like this, so I copied too. This was my first time wrapping them, as you can see the first one was uglier, and then it got better.

You can fry the dumplings in the pan, or steam/ boil them. I mix some cilantro and soy sauce with the steamed ones because it's not as tasty as the deep fried ones, but healthier. The Chinese people usually dip them in vinegar but I prefer spicy, so I dip them in hot sauce. They are good that way too.

I had to put Kiana in the play pen so I can wrap my dumplings, she is usually happy as long as I am right beside her. I just have to stay close to her so I can do my stuff, the play pen is a good place to put all the toys in so my house will not have as much clutter...and I still can do my things while watching her.

I can't believe how much I made out of 1 pound ground chicken. I still have half left, I kept in the freezer for next time. My neighbour was telling me how cheap to get frozen dumplings from the groceries, and how great they were. I guess she has never tried my dumpling. It's actually cheaper and better to make your own.

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