Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Favourite Restaurants in Niagara Falls

There's no new recipe to post today because I've been feeling lazy again. We have been eating out. So I decided to share my favourite restaurants with you, if any of you decided to come to Niagara Falls one day, you'll know where to go for good food, with a reasonable price.

We went to Sushi Jade for lunch today. It has become our favourite sushi place. The price is reasonable. $13.99 for lunch, and $19.99 for dinner, all you can eat, seniors get discount for lunch, and kids under 4 eats free. Their food is quite fresh, you order, they make it right there and then. It's located right across from the Factory Outlet store, and just couple minute from our house. Too bad I always forget to bring my camera when we go out for lunch or dinner, well it's hard to bring everything when you have 2 little ones to take with you. Noah really loves the tempura and the ice cream there. I can't believe that he actually ate a sushi today. Kiana loves their deep fried tofu, it's so soft and smooth. I love practically anything there.

My other favourite sushi place is Taki Restaurant. It's a bit more $$ but the food is really fresh and the decor is really nice, you get your own booth, it makes you feel like you are in a real Japanese restaurant with real Japanese server who doesn't speak much English.

As for Thai Food, we have been a regular at Mai Thai. I recommended it to my neighbour, who is not a regular there too, and we gave them very good review on tripadvisor. The price is good, with big portions, and it's more authentic. It's the best you can get around here. I was told that it was a mother and daughter team who owns the place, they sure did a very good job. Personally, my favourite is the green curry, pad thai and Noah loves the fried spring roll.

Another reasonable priced place with good food is Pho Vietnam 999. It's the same as the Pho Dau Bo in St Catherines. They are located not too far from our house too, it used to be a Donut Diner Restaurant, they converted it so the decor doesn't match with the place, but who cares, with good price and food like that.

My favourite Italian Restaurant is Carpaccio. My neighbour recommended it to me and we really like it there, my in laws loves to go there, used to, because now they prefer to go to Mai Thai. Their specials, stuff lobster ravioli was one that you will never forget, unfortunately they do not serve that anymore.

We went to the Skylon Tower Restaurant. I just love how you can see the view of the city from up there, the revolving tower. If you go earlier you can get their early bird specials, it was a reasonably not too expensive place to go, well it is expensive but it is worth it.

Just one more recommendation before I sign off tonight, The Lake House Restaurant is another one of my top choice. It's located by the lake, a little bit further from my house, but it's worth the drive. They have the patio in the summer, we went in the winter for my in laws anniversary, if you go earlier you can get the early bird menu, it's really worth it. My favourite is the escargot.. it's the best I've ever eaten in my life. I wish to go back there again, sometimes soon, well it's not as affordable and need a longer drive, but I like the food and the atmosphere there.. so I'll be back again, some day.

Next time, maybe I'll write about things to do in Niagara Falls, the free stuff anyway. When I first came here, we came to Niagara Falls for honeymoon, we've never thought that we'll move here some day, and now we ended up here some how. I did not like this place as much before, I thought everything was too touristy, but now we are exploring different places of interested, things that we can do for free, because the touristy area is not as great, we grew to love this place now. I am happy that we moved here. This is a great place to become our home.

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