Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Panda Bread. FAILED!

I thought I should share my failed attempt for my recipes too, so other people can learn from the mistakes I've made. A friend told me about this video on youtube on how to make a panda bread. It looked so cute so I thought I'll try it out since I make my own bread normally. It's gonna be fun for my kids too. They used the green tea powder for the green colour and black charcoal bread flour, which I couldn't find here. So I used chocolate powder and some food coloring instead.

 I used the bun recipe that I normally use because I like the texture, it's so soft. This is how it looks after I separate them into 3 portions, more of the white, some green and black for the eyes and ears. Should have more of green and less black if I am to do it again.

 Put it in the oven with the lights on, and this is how it looks like after it's proof. Didn't take me too long, about 30-40 minutes.
 I divide them into 4 black rolls, 2 for the eyes and 2 for the ears. 3 parts for the white face.

 Put the eyes in between another roll of white so the black will be separated.

 Add in the last piece of white dough to cover it up, stretch it out. You can add some water and pinch them together
 This is suppose to be the ears, and the remaining of the green, you roll it out, stretch it over this dough and put it in a bread pan.

 This is how it looks like before it is rise.

 This is after the bread is doubled in size. For some reason this picture is not as green, but it is actually more green.

As you can see, there is a big hole in the middle. The middle part wasn't cooked yet. It was still too moist, so I rolled it up and put it back in the oven for another 10 mins. Here's the list of my mistakes.

1. Too much dough in the bread pan, the bread got too big, so it took a longer time to cook.
2. Need a longer time to bake, probably at a lower temperature. I baked it at 350F for 18 mins because the skin was brown, but the inside wasn't cook yet. So the next time I am going to try 325F for 20 minutes or more.
3. Too impatient to get it out from the bread pan. I should wait for 10 mins before removing it.
4. As you can see, the black part got too close to the side. I should probably use less black, wrap it around with more white on top, and more green all around.

This is how it looked like, a bit distorted but you can see the shape of it.
The bread was actually very soft and tasty, I ate the top half with the dried meat that I just made, perfect combination. I just need to use the right method to make it into a panda bear face. Wish me luck, perhaps next time I will do it better.

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