Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day after Halloween.

My little tigers
 Happy Halloween, well yesterday. We were too busy that I haven't got a chance to share it out. Noah loves go trick or treating, so does Kiana. They were both tigers. We got lots of candies but Noah was so generous, that he gave away everything from our candy bowl. Mommy went out to buy more chocolate, but they did not have very good after Halloween sales this year. However, I did ended up with bags of costumes! Walmart had them for 75% off, it's really cheap, they will have enough costumes for the next couple years.

White Chanel Tote Cake
 I almost forgot that I was going to my friend's restaurant tomorrow to surprise her with a cake. There's too much going on lately. I had to make this cake last minute. I had extra fondant so I made another one, but then my baby was crying so I can't continue anymore. I think she is teething. I can see it will come out anytime, she has been so cranky for the past couple days, I hope she feels better soon.

As you can see in the picture, my 2nd cake wasn't as nice, because I just can't do it anymore, with my crying baby, I had to just stop doing it. At least the tote doesn't look too bad huh? My friend really likes a Chanel bag, I hope she likes this too.

Noah trying out mommy's with hat, only $2.50!

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