Friday, October 29, 2010

Time flies

Can you believe it.. it has been almost 1 year! I was searching on google, how to write a 2 week's notice letter. I wasn't realy planning to go back to work. I felt that I wasn't really appreciated for my hard work there, my boss didn't even give me a card when I had my baby, and he asked me to get back to work, 2 weeks after I had him! I just got out from the hospital then, I think it was really inconsiderate. I was really mad then, but then he is a guy and you knw how guys are.

My MIL was encouraging me to do something, take a course or something, or if I am to take a course, I would prefer to go back to work, at least I can make $ and not spend more $. I'm not sure if I should go back and work once a week, or something.. but at the same time I feel unappreciated to be working there, although I do enjoy working...but on the other hand.. I do not get paid much... see how it goes back and forth.. the advantages ..and disadvantages..

I guess I will just have to hand in my resignation.. it's almost 47 weeks already! Time flies. I'll have to start planning for Noah's birthday party soon.. Who's coming?

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