Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We celebrated Thanksgiving 2 weeks ago, a month earlier than the Thanksgiving in USA. Normally my parents-in-law will have turkey dinner (lunch) but they were away with my hubby's brother in the States. I told hubby, we gotta make our own turkey dinner, so we did it. We get turkey dinner 3 times a year for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It was the best turkey ever! I never used to like turkey because I had a bad one in Malaysia, just once, and I thought all the turkey taste so ..tasteless! I didn't know why would anybody like anything so.. untasty, roast chicken is simply a lot better.. but it's more like a tradition here I guess. This turkey was really tasty, as good as roast chicken. Hubby decided to spend a little more to buy an expensive one, but I think the money spent is well worth it.

They usually have a lot of side dishes such as coleslaw,mashed potatoes, carrots & onion, stuffing & dressing, and even cranberry jam. We finish it off with pumpkin pie, one my favourite pies ( and I used to dislike pies too). Sorry to post this blog a little late, was so busy, and then I realize I haven't post it yet.. and here it is.. better late then never!

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