Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beware of Scams..

Recently, my brother told me that he sold his old stuff, furnitures.. appliances.. etc online. There's a local M'sian forum that's very popular and he posted his unwanted items there, and did managed to sell them. He also told me that there's a lot of people selling Coach bags there, and I checked it out. They are usually stocks directly from the factory in the States, at a reasonable price but I m not sure if they are replica.

Anyway, my brother was trying to sell his stuff... and then he got this email from Katy Perry from UK, asking about the cost to send to her. She sounded interested, and then asked for whatever else that he's got.. and she wanted all the items! And what's strange was, she asked to be sent to Nigeria. It sounds so fishy, and my brother told me it's a scam. They have been doing this kinda thing lately, and then somewhere in between the items will be lost, you don't get paid, and might even have to pay for the lost item.

For those who are selling things online, beware of this kinda situation. I got tempted into buying things online the other day. I bought a pair of angel wings for Noah, hoping it will be here before Halloween, but I don't think it will be in time for it. I also bought devil horn (LED lights) and an ugly mask. I regreted buying them now. I found better deals at the store here, they were 75% off! And those items will not be here for Halloween this year :(

No more buying stuff online.. or even selling..

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