Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's 10 degree Celcius outside and yet I'm melting..

Noah loves playing with our shoes. He got this " I know I am not suppose to do it,but I'm doing it anyway" look when I screamed at him not to do it. How can your heart not melt when you see this charming little lady killer?
I hurt my wrist the other day, from trying to restrain him not to move when I was changing his diaper and holding him to pee in the toilet. He likes to struggle, and he is getting heavier each day and he's pretty strong too. My wrist is hurting more and more, I think I will have to stop using my left hand for a while, hopefully it will get better.
It's really not very easy to handle this mischievous lil' boy. He is always on the move. Lately, he likes to pretend running (crawling) away from mommy or daddy when we pretended to chase him. His silliness always makes mommy forgets about everything else, well how can anyone stay mad at him at all?

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