Friday, October 22, 2010

Shopping.. shopping...

The photo book is finally here! After waiting for 2 whole weeks! I was going to make another one for my in laws' xmas present, but I am thinking twice. It's not too bad, but it takes too long to arrive.
I went shopping this morning. I had to go, baby Gap sent me a 30% off anything in the store voucher, valid today only. ( I went to Esprit 2 days ago because they sent me a $7.50 cash voucher, managed to get a tshirt for hubby for 7.90!) I love free coupons and vouchers, they give me more excuses to go shopping.

I was feeling a little bit down yesterday. Somebody upset me, and my other hand hurts too.. Now I'm feeling a lot better after shopping. I bought all these items at Old Navy, they sent me a coupon 15% off including sales items! It was such a good deal, I can't help but buy these stuff... and guess how much I spent altogether? $23.15!! I couldn't decide which t-shirt I like better so I bought them both.

I love this sweater, it matches my new purple bag. The little devil horn will be for my Halloween, kinda costume. Just dress in black and wear that horn. I bought angel wings for Noah from ebay, hopefully it will arrives before Halloween.. We'll be the perfect macth, a baby Angel with Devil mom.

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