Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Diary,

A week flew by. Hubby's finally home. For the past week, I've been working on my photobook, watching tvb dramas, playing fb games.. and reading my book. I keep telling myself, less fb, more baby time. They grow up too fast. I do not want to regret one day that I do not spend enough time with him, or if anything bad will happen to him I'll regret for not taking better care of him. Sometimes I think I can be over protective, better be safe than sorry.

Noah's getting cuter and cuter each day. I'm blessed. I'm so lucky. I met the man of my dream, and have a dream baby.. and a dream home. I must be dreaming! I always wanted a happy baby. I'm pretty happy with what I got. He's really happy most of the time. He can laugh at small little things. Sometimes I am not sure what he was laughing at. Sometimes he just look at me and started laughing. Daddy thinks mommy is silly and funny. I think, NOT.

Noah started clapping his hands recently when he hears music or people singing. It's pretty cute. He does the darnest thing. I tried to get the special moments on the camcorder, but whenever he sees the camera.. he wants to get it. It's really difficult. Anyway, time for bed, 12 am, should be sleeping. Just a short note to my diary, as I do not write and update often enough. We are going to a wedding tomorrow, it will be his first time..

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