Thursday, October 21, 2010

I hate waiting

I'm waiting. I am waiting for my photobook to arrive in my mailbox. They emailed and informed me that is should be here around 16-22nd, tomorrow should be the last day to wait, what happen if it still doesn't arrives? Do I get my money back?

I hate waiting. I'm waiting for the result of the Zeller's Babyface Contest. I entered Noah, just to try if he can actually win something since everybody told me he is such a doll. It will be good if he can actually win something. Results should be last Wednesday, but well, I'm still waiting.

I'm still waiting. I'm waiting for my Priority Club, "Anywhere Challenge" guess the picture game contest ( It was fun, but it's only for US, UK and Canada's resident. Some people got too serious in this game.. It's just nice to take it easy.. I've won several times weeks before, and I haven't got my points yet.. I'm waiting.

I'm waiting for another hour. We go to school everyday, and we usually go to library today, but there's 2 people who wants to join us at the school this morning. I called them at 850 and they said they can't get ready until 10. I guess not everybody can get ready as fast I do. So now I'm waiting.. taking my own sweet time.. waiting .. and waiting .. and waiting.

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