Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to make perfect crackling

Normally, I like to stroll along the meat department and wonder what I can do with which part of the meat.. I just saw this pieces of pork the other day and was curious how people cook with it.

I'm not a meat eater myself, but I do love pork. And then I saw this recipe by Tesco, it's really cool, easy to make..and most important the skin is so crispy just the way i like it! Now I can try and cook it myself. Will let you know if it taste as good as it looks.

"Tesco Real Food show how tasty crackling can make the ultimate pork roast

Tesco Real Food has over a thousand recipes to provide inspiration whatever the occasion. From simple soups to dazzling desserts, plus cooking tip videos and ideas on healthy eating, there’s everything a cook could need. In this video, Sal Henley shows how to prepare your pork joint to create the perfect pork crackling"

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