Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Top 10 Favourite Coach Bags (including 1 wallet )

I love this Madison Maggie 14336. It has so many compartments inside (it's divided into 3 parts, with zipper in the middle). Unfortunately, my mom loves it too, so I had to let it go, well.. I am waiting for the same design in a different colour to be on sale..hopefully soon!
Tonal Patchwork Bleeker Tote #12899. My first ever bag bought at the new outlet here. I was crazy about it at some time.. seems like long time ago. It looks good with jeans, casual.. and kinda hip, don't you think so? I only used it less than 10 times. The disadvantage of the bag is, it's can't be fully closed (zipped). If the bag fell over the things can roll out from the sides. It's still a pretty good bag.

Coach Resort Soft Leather Top Handle #42167. I loved this bag. It's not too big or too small. It's just big enough to put a wallet, a bottle of water and phone/small camera. I used this bag many times during the summer. It look cute and feminine with dresses :)

Heritage Stripe Tote Khaki Coffee #11350. This is my very first Coach bag, bought in Sacramento. I was never a fan of Coach. I was never a bag person. I just bought it because my bag broke and I needed a bag, and I started with this. I bought it at a normal retail store and cost me more than the outlet here. It's worth it, as I've used it many times. It's really practical, especially when I was pregnant, I only wanted to drink chocolate milk or juice, can't wake water. This bag is big enough to fit 2 thermos, and they can be put upright, but even when it spilled, it can be easily washed off. Love it!

Julia Op Art Large Wristlet 43789. I never really like wristlet but this is an exception. This wristlet is large enough it can almost be a small little shoulder bag. I take this to the gym, it's just a nice size to put my gym membership card, a cellphone, car keys and my IDs. It's very practical, yet stylist. Great investment.

Kristin Enbossed Exotic Slim Envelope Wallet #43650. I've been using an ID holder and a coin purse until I met this wallet. My original intention was to match my other bag (below), but I'm loving it more and more. You might think it's easy to get dirty but believe me, it does not. It actually look nicer than the picture.. and the colour is just so, clean. Love it, Love it.. Loving it.

Kristin Leather Hobo #14783. This was first the bag I got for cheap, really cheap. It was in the damaged section, suppose to have markings, but I managed to clean it off. White is hard to maintain, but with the proper leather care, it can be well-kept. It's really a bargain, I was using this as my diaper bag, because it's so convenient, it's large enough to put everything, and I can use it as a sling.

Julia Op Art Swingpack # 44245. When I saw this bag, I knew I had to get it. I've never seen a swingpack bag that has black belts on it. They are usually beige, and I did not like them, as they can get dirty, and looked dirty. I use this bag whenever I do not have to carry my baby with me. It's just a nice size to put my big wallet, a phone and maybe some other small items.

Kristin Leather Satchel # 14782. My great bargain! I've never imagine I can get anything better than this. was only about $90, because of the little dent( scratches) from the handles being pressed onto the leather, leaving markings on it. I managed to wipe it off, and hide the rest with a lovely ribbon. It's a good bag, with 2 compartments can can be zipped and fully closed. For the price, I can never be happier!

Multifunction Tote (Babybag) #F15134. I fell in love with this bag immediately. I wanted to buy it, but it was too expensive. Thanks to my mother-in-law and the lovely salesgirl who found it for me, my dream came true. It comes with the change pad, and it has lots of little compartments inside, so I can organize and put all the baby stuff in each compartments. It's such a lovely colour, not too girlish, yet sweet enough... simply pink.

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