Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pretty Icing for cupcakes

I've always wanted to decorate my cake..something fancy and that's also something I never get to do it, because I do not know how. I bought this icing thing 3-4 years ago and just kept it aside. After watching this video, I feel like baking again. Maybe I will try and start practising for Noah's birthday. It look so simple and so pretty.. I wish we have a Tesco here.. but maybe I can try and get somebody to help me.../these videos are so cool. It make me wanna get cooking!

How to decorate fairy cakes
Tesco Real Food give you 4 great techniques for perfect fairy cake icing

Tesco Real Food has everything you need to make the perfect cupcake. With fantastic recipes, great video tips and even the ability to get ingredients delivered to your door, there’s no need to go anywhere else. In this video, Sal Henley shows your four different ways to ice your fairy cakes (or cupcakes, if that’s what you’d prefer to call them!), so you’re all set to get creative with your creations.

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