Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working Like A Machine? This is just what I've been doing!

Lately I have been thinking. A deep thinking. I've been working too hard , too much, and I do not feel being appreciated at all. I love to multitask, I don't mind doing the work, but sometimes I feel it's very unfair when other people can just stand around chatting and doing nothing else, and ordering you to do everything else. Worse of all, your boss do not listen to you and he is one-eye-Jack twin brother. I felt so tired.. so so tired that I get sick, time after time. I never get sick as often before, only once or twice in a year, but I'm sick again now.... is the job worth my time?

I started to get a job, after being doing nothing much and not meeting any people for a year. I did enjoy the job, I did meet nice people, but nice people left pretty soon and I'm stuck with.. you know what.. Life, it seems is always unfair. You will never get what you wanted, and you always get shit out of it.. Many people advised me not to care too much about the job, they do not put their heart into it as much as I do, and they are probably right. The more I do, the more shit I got. People started backstabbing.. saying things that are not nice to the ear... Is this all worth it?

I do not hold a high income job, I do not have a glamourous title ( as I used to be ) , all I do is just running around doing almost everything, the real hard job and others got away by pretending to be busy when the manager around. And worse of all, they think my job is easy. I have been taken for granted once again. Too much load was put on my shoulder. I'm sinking... falling... sick.. and tired.. Is this worth for my health?

I am still thinking, and all I know is, I m not a machine. There'll be an alternate way..somewhere, and I'm looking forward for it.

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