Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Has Sprung Again

Spring, that is one of my favourite season of the year, besides Summer and Fall. I love going to the backyard and picking up those lovely flowers back there... and bringing them to my dining table where I can admire them day and night, with the man I love.

Spring began when the Robin returns from the South. They began to mate and start building nests everywhere. They lay this attractive looking greenish/blueish small little eggs, but I do not think they are very smart birds. One Robin couple actually build this nest right at my front door, where we hung our wreath that we've forgotten to remove it from Christmas!

Anyway, they got frightened by noises and it wasn't a successful nest.. I was kinda sad for them sometimes.. I hope they learned their mistakes, not to build a nest too close to human. This is actually the second time birds built their nests in our love nest... a nest in a bigger nest.. Hehe..

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