Thursday, May 14, 2009


Lately I have this weird cravings, and NO, I M NOT PREGNANT for your info. I had this very bad cravings for cupcakes after I had a not-so-tasty, taste like nothing but sweet (hope she doesn't get offended if she happened to read this ) piece of cupcake. I was told this is how the Canadian cupcakes are, just a plain taste-like-nothing-but-sweetness cupcake.

I craved for my mum's cupcake for a few days before I can't stand it any longer, I finally made my own. It didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to be, as I didn't exactly get the right recipe. I was too stubborn to start giving up, and I made another batch in the next few days. Well, it was well worth it. The cupcakes was the best I've ever hard I dare say. It's even better than my mum's ( or maybe I've just had such a bad craving, everything taste better when you had these bad cravings ).

Then, I had cravings for sushi. I've learned to make sushi from a new Korean friend. She is such a happy and easy going person. Everybody loves her, oh I miss her already. She's now enjoying herself in Paris, probably in some cute guy's arm... on top of Eiffel Tower.

Back to sushi..... so I made the sushi for a 2nd time and my friend/colleague came over and asked for more.. and then I made more the next day.. and my neighbour came over.. and asked me to make more for her on the weekend. Weird, but this keep on going ..on and on.. and I'm still new at making sushi.. I had to break the pattern of making sushis for everyone... I need a break.. maybe a Kit Kat will do.

Anyway, I can't do much now as I'm still not very well, I'm suppose to be resting, but I still have lots of craving for everything, anything that is mentioned, anything that I saw, I just want o eat them all! And my latest crave, the lobster! It will be just another 3 more days before I get to eat lobsters again!!!!

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