Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me and my cravings

Have you ever heard of a copycat craver? That's what I am. Lately, I've been craving anything that is mentioned. Someone just mentioned about instant noodle , and there I was cooking instant noodle the very next day.

I had such a bad craving for McDonald's that my hubby had to take me to KFC instead for the chicken sandwich because KFC seems to be a little healthier than McD. I normally would prefer KFC anytime but lately, it seems that my taste bud has changed.

And so today I got my chicken sandwich, a small piece of Colonel Snackers to fulfill my crave. I got rip off though, because my top part of the bun wasn't there, and it was my first time buying it so I thought that must be just a very small piece of snack (with only one piece of bread), and was normal, but it wasn't. I only realize after I opened Mark's sandwich, which came in a full bun, the top and bottom part. Nevertheless it was pretty good. It did satisfied my huge craving for a chicken sandwich.

The changes in my tastebuds changes my choice of drinks as well. For some reason, scientifically or not, I started hating drinking plain water. Water seems so plain and dull to my tastebuds. They are becoming very picky. It goes as well as the food. Everything tasted so much better with ketchup!
I can no longer tolerate tasteless food... everything has to be spiced up! It's just so weird how everythings changes in just couple of weeks...

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  1. Its sounds weird but its normal. A fren of mine told me last time when she was pregnant with her son, the only food she likes is western and drink only milk, no water or whatever :)