Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How My Life is Changed Forever

I was just a plain Mary-Jane, I was pretty ugly when I was young and every year on my birthdays, I wish to grow prettier. I remembered how depress I was when I was a little girl, when everybody called me ugly pig (chu pak kuai) in chinese. Somehow, God must have listened to my birthday wishes and somehow.. I didn't grow up as ugly as before. My dad used to comfort me by telling me I'm just the ugly duckling, I will turn into a beautiful swan someday, and for some reason, I love the story of the ugly duckling, wishing that the story is true.

I was still not a beauty queen when I was 17. I wasn't popular girl, I'm just another common girl. I get jealous and upset from time to time but I always believe, someday, someone will appreciate me and do not mind of the external beauty.

I got lucky when I turned 20, I got a job offer as s Flight Attendant in Malaysia. I had doubts then because I was preparing to enter University. Anyway, I took the chance and I never regret it because I will never have met him if I didn't take the job.

My all time favourite Fairy Tale story was the Sleeping Beauty. I love to sleep for one, and I love to be swept away with a kiss and live in a beautiful castle. Well, some part of it came true in my life. I met this guy when I was at the lowest point of my life. He was always there to share my thoughts, always reading my mind. He was everything I wanted, smart, charming, caring and cute.. nothing that I can very much complaint of. Most important of all, he took me away from Malaysia and got me a beautiful house to live in, just like what I wanted, with a beautiful backyard and lots of flowers !

And now, here I am in Canada, and my story continues....


  1. awww.... thats such a sweet story!!


  2. hehe...and they live happily ever after =)

  3. nice of u gals... to finish my story ... but it's never ending.. not yet