Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me..and my bags

I was crazy for coach bags for awhile... I've been having the urges to go back to that outlet mall ( that is located only a stone's throw away from my house) every other day. I've got this many bags from my first visits. My sense came back to me when I got my first credit card bill :(

I was hanging onto these things... while friends and family members keep encouraging me to go back for more.. to get them some too! Then one day.. I realized that I do not need these items that badly. I don't even know if I like all of them that much. I was almost convinced several times that I should sell on ebay or send them back to sell in Malaysia.. but I guess the proccess is too complicated for my simple mind.

I went back to that evil place from time to time (and bringing more new coach lovers) to check out really good deals. I think that place is really evil because it keeps tempting us to buy more and more although we do not really need it. I returned most of the items and exchanged with more lovely colours and got better deals. What I like most is the service is good, and you can return it anytime without a time limit. And what I hate is waiting in line for almost half hour just to pay for it!

So here it is.. all my new bags, white and pink.. the final pick of my choice.. Now I just can't decide which ones I am to keep for myself!


  1. wahhh baggggggggggss...

    got nice outlets for shoes ah?

  2. Only Nine West I think, unless you consider NIke too.. hehe
    Didnt grab enough shoes when u were working in Jimmy's?

  3. haha... jimmy's shoes more like evening shoes la... i want shoes that i can wear out for fun