Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saving money?

My friend commented about my couponing habit and buying things on special the other day. You might have wondered why do I always buy things on special in bulk, I was never like that before, becoming more of a couponist after I watched the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. I still buy things that is better quality, as hubby is very picky about what we eat and use. He reads the label for everything everytime, and taught me how to become a person that read labels too. 

I think I spent less by couponing, not to the extreme, that only happens in the USA, not in Canada. Here's a couple websites that you can go to if you are looking for coupons.

Actually, you can just Google the place you want to go get stuff, and add coupon, and search. Usually it works for me, unless they do not have the coupons. A lot of people do not know that you can use coupons, or do price match at groceries stores such as Walmart, No Frills and FreshCo. I save a lot of money by doing all this. I believe that, why would I pay more if I can get it for less, for the same items? People thinks that it's inconvenient, and they have their own judgement about it, well it's your money after all. People like to complain how expensive everything is, and how they can't afford anymore, well this is a way to live, another alternative. Live better, cheaper. 

Why am I so cautious with my money? Firstly I am not working anymore, and I do not like to ask money from hubby, or anyone else. Here's my story. I left home after high school, I got a good job, in a big city with only $600 in my bank, it's for rental, transportation, food and everything else. I did not get paid until after 2 months, so I had to survive with just $600. I lived from pay check to pay check. When I was 20 I bought my own house. I worked very hard. I survived in a real hard world, I was also very naive back then. And then my brother had family problem, I gave him all the money I had. I did not even have any money left in my bank, and I used the rest for the new house that I've just bought. 

I remembered I had to eat whatever I had in the fridge and pantry, as I do not have any money at all to spend. Every penny counted. I made good money but when there's emergency, I just had to help them out. I was that naive. I was stupid. I don't think I will do that now anymore, because I don't think I was being appreciated at all. I had to take the bus instead of the cab because I did not have money to spend for transportation. It was tough time. That's what makes me who I am today. If I haven't been through all that I would have not appreciate every single thing as much. 

I believe that I can always save, and save, to keep it for a rainy day. If I was smarter back then, I would have more money in my savings. I wouldn't need to starve and eat instant noodles almost every day. As I said, everything happened for a reason. I know how it feels to not have food and money. That's another good reason for me to save, and donate. I do not judge the poor, as one day they might be millionaire, you just need to spend smart, and have the opportunity. I'm fortunate that I now have a loving hubby and 2 beautiful babies now. Nothing else matters anymore. 

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