Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nasi Lemak

Chicken was on special so I bought too many, 4 whole chicken! It was only $2.97 each chicken, can't blame me for buying so many. I haven't made this nasi lemak for awhile, so I thought I should make it again since I've have all the ingredients that I need...well most of it, that I can find here anyway. Here's a nasi lemak recipe from if you want to make it the right way, or if you want the lazy way, as I did, I just added coconut milk to my rice when I cooked them in my rice cooker. It's almost the same taste.

For the curry chicken, I used the A1 Curry Paste that my parents sent me. They made it so convenient now, that you just need to add chicken, water and coconut milk! It taste really good. If you want to make curry chicken from scratch, here's a link from Kuali's website.

Nasi means rice in Malay, and lemak is fat, I guess the coconut is fattening. We usually have nasi lemak with some spicy condiments (such as curry, or sambal) fried anchovies, fried peanuts, hard-boiled egg and cucumber. Did not have any cucumber so I substitute it with some other green vege. I had cravings for this meal before when I first came here, they charged about $15-20 in a Malaysian restaurant here, but now I can make my own, for $20 I can make a meal for the whole family!

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