Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zebra Theme Cupcakes

 My neighbour's grand daughter requested zebra cake for her birthday last month and this is what I made for her birthday last month. I googled for zebra cake and I found this recipe from AZ Cookbook website. It has good instructions on how to bake the cake, and the result was great. The cake was perfect, and wasn't too sweet. It's almost like marble cake, I just didn't know simple method like this can make a cake so special.

 Before, and after my tiny cupcakes went into the oven. I decided to make tiny cupcakes instead because usually kids just want the icing part. Why waste the cake right?

 This is how the inside of the cake look like. Amazingly, it looks like zebra stripes! 

 My fondant getting dried. Her colour theme was black, white and pink... so I made this flowers for the decoration on the cupcakes, simple and plain.

 My hardworker helping to make the flowers.
Oh no, he got caught on the camera... and got caught eating them too... no wonder my flowers are missing....

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