Friday, September 27, 2013

For my Wilton Course 3 Final Project

Today, I attended the last class for course 3. This is what I made. My best friend's birthday this weekend but I can't give it to her, I wish I can. I hope she is having a great time there with her hubby. I will have to make her another cake some other time.

I used the flowers I had from my class. I made different colours on the mums....getting lighter on the outside petals. I was really fun to make flowers, but I think they should have some designs for boys too. Flowers are more for girls, weddings, anniversaries... but what about boys? They should include it in the lessons.

I am really glad that I went back and now I got to make this beautiful glad. I am really happy I did. Now I know how to make a fondant covered cake, and the proper way to make it. I'm looking forward for the next class, the people in my class are very friendly, I am so looking forward to it.

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