Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Wilton Cake Decorating Course 3 Experience

 Yes, I am back at my cake decorating classes. I decided that I need to finish my courses, I felt like I am half way in between. Noah is back to school, and I made up my mind that I will have to do it, otherwise it will never be completed, and I am glad I did. For the first class, we made loop for the bows, and bases for the flowers. It came in handy because I managed to make a cake for my friend's son last minute. Another friend promised to make the cake but she got sick, last minute, and so I had 2.5 hours to make this cake for him. Well he had no choice but to take this decoration piece, as I was given last minute notice, to make a cake from scratch.

 I made another cake, for my neighbour a couple days later. I wanted to practice my bow. I think I am doing better, don't you think? I just need more practices. You'll never believe how easy this is, and the result is amazing.

I made calla lily, roses and carnations for my class #2. It was my good friend, Jessica and my neighbour's daughter's birthday, so I get to use these flowers. My friend love chocolate, and cake, so I thought she might like this, but it wasn't that good a cake, I didn't have time to do it better. Will have to do better next time! (next year?)

For the 3rd lesson, we learned how to make daisies and mums. I got to use it for the street party at my place last weekend. The kids love cupcakes, as usual...and the favourite part is of course the icing, and fondant. I am glad that I got to apply all my new skills so quickly. It does come in handy. My final cake class for course 3 will be in a couple days, and this time, there's nobody's birthday coming up. I guess I will have to give it away to some lucky fella.

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