Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Noah's Birthday Party

 It was Noah's 3rd birthday. I wasn't going to throw a party but few days before his birthday, he told me he wanted a birthday party. He wanted to invite his friends over, and have a firetruck carrot cake! He wasn't even 3 yet. So mommy had to throw everything together, the very last minute.

 I saw this very cool Christmas tree from facebook, my friend shared the picture and I tried, I am glad I did. I received many compliments from everybody. It is very easy to make, and look fantastic. I used an apple as a base, cut a hole in the middle, stick a couple toothpicks (angled) and stick the carrot in it. A lot of people asked me how I did it, so here's the tips. I soaked the carrot overnight so it will be not as hard. My friend bought me some fruits/cookies cutter all the way from Japan, and I got a chance to use them. They are perfect to cut the fruits into shapes. Noah helped but I had to finish this as soon as I can because while he was helping, he was also eating. If it doesn't go into the tree, it will end up in his mouth!

I spent less than $10 for his lovely tree, would probably cost more if you buy one from Edible arrangement.

 Here's Noah's firetruck. I've gotten lazy so I just made it as simple as possible. So far I've made 5 cakes this month, and 3 more to go! It's a lot of trouble, but when you see how happy they are, it's all worth it.

I made this cake for my very good neighbour, her birthday's today. She likes purple colour (me too) and I dad make a bunch of purple flowers not long ago, I am so glad she likes it. She loves the vanilla cake recipe that I used, well everything works well in the end. There'll be many busy days ahead, I'll try to keep up...and post more pictures!

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