Monday, December 10, 2012

Mermaid Theme Birthday Cake

Mermaid on the rock

My friend's daughter had a birthday party last weekend, I asked what she'd like for her cake, I was hoping that she'll like roses so I can make a simple one, but her mom said she'll like mermaid. She was here last Friday when I was baking the banana cakes, when she said " I hate banana cake" . I was thinking, 'oh no'. Luckily she changed her mind because she helped bake the cake, and before she left, she said it's gonna be the best cake in the whole wide world!

This is how I put the bananas in between the cake, it actually gives more banana flavor, it's just too good!

The cake is iced, ready to be decorated.

I am actually quite proud that I made this cake, I don't even know how to bake a cake 4 months ago, and I've come so far along. My beloved brother used to tell me my cupcake is hard as rock, and I've never baked ever since. I then learned about the secret of not baking hard rock cake, is not to stir too much after you put the flour in.

                 I bought the mermaid body from Bulk Barn store, but the rest is edible. I used the marshmallow fondant recipe for the sea creatures, buttercream icing (from Wilton) for the rest of the cake and brown sugar for the sand. The scale part I used tip 80, the waves was tip 21 and the water on the rock was a mistake, tried to do like the wave but it didn't look nice... so I removed it, and part of it left on the rock, it looked nicer that way. The shell on the mermaid body was tip 21. Hope you like the cake, this cake is not only for my friend's daughter's birthday but to all who loves mermaid. 

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