Thursday, December 6, 2012

My First time making Indian meal!

My friend taught me how to make this butter chicken, roti and yellow rice. It was so good, I kept bugging her to teach me. So she finally showed me her secret, and now I'm sharing her secret (with her permission).

I never know it was so easy to make roti. It's also very healthy. You just need to buy the right kind of flour, one that says it's for roti, pratha, puri and so on. My friend did not measure the ingredient as she's an expert already. I tried to measure it, so I can put it here in my blog.

For the roti, I used 3 1/2 cup special roti flour, and 2 cups of water. I just use the Kitchen aid, or you can use the breadmaker too. After it becomes a ball, I rolled it up into a ball, then flattened it by rolling pin. You can also put cheese inside and fried it, or just eat it plain, they are good either way. If you stuffed it with grated cheese, you'll have to put some olive oil so it won't stick to the pan.

For the rice, my friend stir fried some chopped garlic and onion in some olive oil, then added bay leaves, cloves, and 1 cup of brasmati rice with 3 cups of water, and a tablespoon of chicken stock. You can add yellow coloring, or if you have tumeric powder, it's even better. I hope I did not forget everything she said. I told her to make a blog and put all her recipes in because she cooks a lot of good food that I want to learn, but unfortunately she is too busy.

Maybe next time when I am getting better with this recipe I'll show more pictures and better instructions. Hubby enjoys them, and so are the kids. I think Noah might find an Indian girlfriend when he grows up because he really likes Indian food.

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