Thursday, December 3, 2009

I went shopping..again and again..

I think I am becoming a shopaholic. I tried very hard not to go shopping but I can't resist the temptation. After one whole week of not stepping my feet into the shopping mall... I had to do it, again.

It's hard to not buy anything when everything's on special. I bought 3 sweaters today. The cheapest one was only $5! I have never seen anything as cheap as that. I just had to buy it, and of course, I need more clothes as I m expanding rapidly. I was wearing extra-small, but now I have to get small/medium.

There are sales everywhere, yet people are not spending as crazily as the economy is't as good, or that's what most people thinks. Everybody is holding onto their money tightly for a rainy day. I am waiting for the really good deals on Boxing day but then it might not be as good as everybody thought it will be, and the mall will be swarm by big crowds, I don't think it will be a safe place for me to go then.

I went to the Coach store again. I was planning to sell some off, but then after I checked the postage it was a bit pricey, so I have to cancel the plan. I m just buying things that I like, and I will be using. I exchanged a coin purse for this lovely scarf , as a ribbon to tie around my bag. I bought another one in blue, similar but bigger in size, and I still got some $ back out of it..
I'm so happy I got so many great deals today.. but I m a little tired after a long day at the mall.. and the other mall. I guess I can't move as much as before.. I m simply getting bigger

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