Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nobody told me things I have to know and Some told me too much of things I do not want to know

First of all, thank you for reading and over-reacting after reading my blog. I am fine, really. I think most people are more worried and over-reacted when I am perfectly fine.

I m just shocked by the pain that nobody had told me before. Hence, there goes my wish list of having 12 kids... just kidding. I had more pain this morning.. and the day before. I think it must be the thinning of the cervix. It comes and goes, like before but this time it's just more and more.

I've always thought that you only get those pain when you are closer to labor, like, just right before labor, I didn't sign up for the pain 7.5 weeks before my due date. I have this idea of going shopping, or when you are busy doing something, and then there goes your water bag.. but in reality it doesn't work that way. It doesn't happen so easily. I have to endure days.. and maybe weeks of pain before it really happens.. and then there comes the real pain... and happiness that followed.. I hope.

I can't believe people still try to tell me the Do's and Don'ts when I repeatedly tell people stop telling me what to do!(especially it's not practical and ridiculous) I will have to come out with a list of Do's and don'ts for others who tries to tell me how to do stuff..

1. Brush you teeth 3 times a day.. or 5 times a day if you wish. and remember to floss afterwards
2. Pick up your own mess and mind your own business..
3. Remember to wash your hands after you are done in the washroom!
4. Do not litter and pollute the air...
and the list goes on..

See if anyone tries to tell me anything anymore.. i m very sure i will give them my very own list of do's and don'ts

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  1. Gosh, I can feel how frustrated when people telling the do's and dont's.... anyway, be happy :) merry christmas to you and your baby! :D