Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Baby

I don't know where to start but there's always so much to think of when I think of you. Every morning you wake me up with a big kick. You wouldn't stop unless I get up. What a good morning call it is, knowing that you are still there, so alive.

You get 4-5 hiccups a day, sometimes I wonder if there's anything wrong, or are you just learning to swallow the fluid in the bag that protects you all the time. I wonder if you'll still get those hiccups after you are born. I get the twitch from your hiccups all the time. Sometimes I complain, but I know I rather to feel it, than not feeling anything.

You have been a very good baby (so far). I've made a deal with you when you were very tiny. I told you if you are good to me, I will be good to you too. I promise you love and everything else that you need. In return, you did keep your part of the deal. I did not have too much problems throughout the pregnancy. I'm very lucky compared to a lot of other women. I only threw up 8 times, no heartburn, or whatsoever, just some cramps now and then.

It used to be like a needle poking into me, then the little bump coming out of the tummy when you kick.. and now all the rolling and moving from one side to another, shiftings in my tummy. You've changed so much within a couple of months. You are a big boy now, in the cramped little uterus. You move a lot, especially when I asked you if you were sleeping, or when I'm getting ready to go to bed. You have your own way to reassure me that everything is fine..that you are still there with me. I wonder if I'll miss the movements when you are not inside my tummy anymore.

I lost the plug that keep you safe in the tummy on Sunday. I got freaked out and don't know what it was. All I knew it was unusual to lost a clot of blood. I searched everywhere on the internet and we suspected it was the mucous plug, and it was indeed the mucous plug that keep the bag intact.

It shouldn't happen before the 38 weeks, but it did happened. I guess baby is just as impatient as mummy, but it's too soon. I know you are excited to see the world and celebrate Christmas and New Year, or maybe you want to be here when your daddy carry the Olympic torch, but baby, you need to grow bigger. It's not the time yet.

I'm trying to eat more often now, and healthy food, in the hope that baby will get some of those nutrient and grow bigger in a short time. Now mummy is just resting, and waiting for baby to come out healthy, not too tiny, and everybody else is waiting for the arrival of the new baby boy...they all think that you will be a cute baby boy, but all I want is just a normal healthy baby boy, even if you are ugly ( I won't tell you that), you'll be the most beautiful baby because you are my baby boy.

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