Monday, December 7, 2009

A new me

After having long hair for a couple years, I finally get a chance to cut my hair. I have several reasons for this. First of all, I have this thing.. that I really have to do. I wanted to donate my hair. I want to be able to help somebody who need it more than I do. I was reading the paper one day few years back, and I saw some children donating their hair away. I knew I had to do it, at least once.

The hair suppose to be clean, not permed, not coloured, no damages, and it has to be over 8 inches long. I think it should be able to fit all those condition. I went to cut the hair this morning, and everybody at the hair salon felt sad that I was going to cut it off. I just have to do it. They told me I have nice hair, I hope somebody else will be able to use it now.

The other reason is because of the baby. I don't think I have so much time to take care of my hair, or have long showers anymore.. and of course, baby likes to pull hair. I really don't want to have messy hair when I have the baby, so this is another good option.

Yesterday, I freaked out. There's some discharge when I peed. I called the doctor this morning, and have my appointment tomorrow. So far there's no real contraction yet, I think the baby wants to come out for Christmas, or perhaps he wants to be there to see his daddy carry the flames.. but baby.. it's too early..

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