Wednesday, December 21, 2016


       I've always told my friends, I'm going to write my blog again once my kids are back in school. Yes my kids are back in school ( for 4 months now) but I have been so busy (with I don't know what) that took me so long to write again. I promised to post all my recipes, and my new inventions, my failed projects, and share my tips ( I learned thru failure so nobody else repeats my same mistakes) to make better food for the world.

   I'm going to start with the new found love that I recently found from Lindt's magazine. As a chocolate lover, I was in heaven eating this cookie (especially when it was a little warm, the chocolate was just melting in my mouth), and it's a hubby approved cookie. He doesn't like eating too much sweets, and this is not sweet at all...

  I was looking for the best chocolate for baking on all the websites and happy to conclude that Lindt was the best, and I agree. Luckily for me we do have an outlet here, they sell a bag of 2.5kg baking chocolate for about $45, with no tax. A bar of 100g chocolate cost $2.50 plus tax so it's a pretty good price, considering I bake a lot, and I only use best ingredients I can find, if possible.

 So I tried this recipe from the magazine, that you can also find from this Lindt's special season's website. I'm so glad that the sales girl told me about the free book that I can take home, she must know that I really like baking, and chocolate because my basket was overflowing and was getting so heavy, I wished they had a cart. Please note that you need 3 bars of excellence chocolate bars for one recipes, I made a mistake buying just 2 bars, one orange and one mint, hubby likes the mint and I like the orange, so I used the rest of the baking chocolate for the other remaining cookies.

Just be careful when you break it, I tried cutting it but it wasn't a good idea, breaking it apart is easier. Notice how the squares stays in shape better than the baking chocolate? I will go with the square and not baking chocolate, it's more expensive (about 30 cents a piece of squares) but oh it's so worth the money. The cookie is just a plain shortbread, not very sweet, just prefect for me, with a cup of coffee or tea. I think I will have to make another batch soon, as it will be gone before Christmas at this rate.

I hope my family, friends, and the kids' teachers will like it ( if they have a chance to taste it). This will make an impressive gift, it's easy enough to make for beginners, and the best you can get for a chocolate shortbread cookie, whoever who made this recipe is a genius. I give it a 5 star.

Time to try out recipe #9 from the magazine.

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