Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lego Cake

 I was very honoured to make this special cake for a girl, who tried one of my cupcakes I made for my son's birthday. This is a special moment for me, as I never charge for my cakes before and she insisted to pay for it, of course I did not charge her much. It was just enough to cover the cost, and my newly bought lego moulds I got from

 This is how it looked like before I gave the girls a makeover, and I think we will agree a makeover is very important. You can find the mould to make the lego minifigure on Lego Shop or amazon but I bought it at the Lego online because they had free shipping over $50 and it was only 2-3 days shipping, it was here in just 2 days. They also had a very good sale for the Pirate Chess Set that I wanted to get for my son's birthday, he had so much fun with it.

She requested for a marble cake, it took 3 layers to make it high enough, it's just okay recipe for me, as I prefer the soft spongy type and this is more like the pound cake, but it's sturdy enough to have the fondant on top, and not collapsing. I've got the recipe from pinterest, Sally's Baking Addition it has lots of good review so I decided to try it but I think I'll try a different recipe next time, this is an easy recipe to follow and I did not have much time to make the cake , so I picked the easy recipe.

The little blue and yellow bricks are from Bulk Barn, I'm so happy that they have those candies, they looked good on the cake, I did buy the Lego Ice Cube Bricks mould but it's more like a lego duplo size. I used the chocolate frosting and fondant that I made from marshmallow. You can find the marshmallow fondant recipe on Allrecipes.

I promised to contribute more but I had a bad fall 2 weeks ago and was recovering from it. Have a Happy New Year, hope everything will get better in the coming year.

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