Monday, February 7, 2011

Noah's update

OMG Noah's finally sleeping through the night!!
after 13 months!!! Hubby is still waking up at night because he is not used to sleeping thru the night anymore.. and he said i slept like a log.

Noah took his first step yesterday. He can walk and stand but he is afraid to do it. It was Chinese New Year last Thurday and we took him tothe restaurant. It's kinda hard to put update because I haven't write for so long!

I have my reason, I only can do anything when he is sleeping. He wont let me use the computer, or do anything at all. He's my 22 lbs anchor... stuck to me all the time.. sigh..

I really hope he can walk soon, so I do not need to carry him around all the time... and he's almost weaned off... only once a day now.. phewww... it's finally almost over..

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