Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy birthday, to me

It was my birthday last Friday. As usual, I did not tell anybody. Some people likes to tell everybody but I like to keep it low. My in laws were nice enough to come over to babysit while hubby and I go out for a nice dinner.

Weather has been bad again, I wish it's spring soon. Can't go anywhere or do anything at all. I heard from a friend about the nanny next door, she left and got another job in another city, we were just talking about her. Last summer she was just telling me how in love she was with the boyfriend in Phillipines and how she was planning to bring him over n get married, and today, I heard that she got a new French boyfriend here.

People changed so easily. It was just a couple months ago, but I am happy for her to meet somebody else, but I'm wondering how about her boyfriend? I'm sure he feels pretty sad that she had changed, but he probably didnt know about it yet. Some people agree with her to get a bf here for better life, but does somebody has to betray someone to get a better life? Is everybody so selfish? What happens to true love?

Anyway, that's just a quick thought. I have been busy with my little angel.... didnt have a minute to crap. I was watching Social network yesterday, I'm really impressed with the facebook founder. He's such a genius. I wouldn't be addicted to FB if it wasn't for him.

Signing off today.. gonna be a nicer warmer week ahead. I wish it will be nicer, cos i'm gonna be alone for V'day :(
Planning to treat myself to Haagen Daaz and chocolates... whole week!

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