Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've always thought I have many friends. It's just that I do not have enough real friends. There are 2 types of friends. Real friends are the ones that's always there when you needed them, and friends are the ones that always come to you when they needed you.

I left my loyal friends back in Malaysia (and some other countries where they are now). I realized that I do not have very many real friends here, close to zero. I'm feeling sick, (got a cold) home alone with a whiney baby, and do not get any help, or much sleep, and I'm so friendless.

My neighbour comes and help from time to time, just to mind the baby so I can get my shower and do my laundry. She has been sick too, hence there goes my only saviour. I m so lucky at least I have this neighbour/friend to help me.

I was quite disappointed by my new friends here who doesn't want to come out and have lunch with me on my birthday. It's not totally their fault that I did not remind anybody it was my birthday, yet still disappointed because I wrote down everybody's birthday and even organized and celebrate with them.. not that I want anything in return, at least a birthday wish will be nice... I didn't get any.

The only ones that remembers are my true friends back from more than 10 years ago.. Dear frieands, you know whoever you are..and I really appreciate you being my friend.


  1. SueYen... don't be so disappointed over this, life has to go on and you'll always be remembered by your friends no matter what. You may be far but we'll always miss you and pray for you :)

  2. i vish i can bring my friends along with me here ;)