Sunday, February 21, 2010

The day he was here

I do not know where I should start. I just know I do not have very much time to write it all.

Let's just start on the day of his arrival, December 16th, 2009. I never know how contractions feels like. The book said some sharp pain.. from lower abdoment to higher abdoment.. and the back or something like that... I just felt pain.

It started at 1.30am. I had the pain before..a week before but it wasn't that bad, it comes and goes...and I lost the mucous plug 10 days before... I always thought I will have plenty of time to bake for Christmas, and clean the house, luckily I've bought all the xmas presents already.

We waited for an hour to make sure it was the real contraction. Went to the hospital about 330am, and after 12 hours of pain, I had to give in and take the epidural. I was trying to do it drug free, but I wasn't strong enough. Finally after 17 long hours, we've got him out...the labor wasn't bad at all.. it was just that the long contractions that was killing me. I've never felt anything as painful before..

The first thing they noticed,it was that he wasn't a blonde. He had a head full of dark hair! He was good for his size although he was 6 weeks early. He was crying so loudly when they took him away to clean him out , but stopped as soon as they passed him back to me.. how sweet.

They had to take him away and put him in the incubator for 10 days to make sure he was fine. He got poked all over his body..his tiny little body..and had blood test almost everyday :( Poor little fella. That's the price he had to pay for coming out into the world too early, to see daddy carry the torch, to celebrate xmas with the family.. and born a year early!

I got so hungry after the 17 hours labor, had not eaten anything for a whole day! The first nurse wasn't as helpful.. but there are plenty of them that are very nice, offer me food, and advise. I'm pretty lucky to get good treatment throughout my 10 days stay in hospital... I guess I can say I went through hell. It wasn't easy, travelling back and forth..staying in the hospital.. so tiring..but it was finally over.. and we get to bring him home the day after Christmas, our little boxing day special.


  1. Well, after all the pain and agony, little Noah and mommy Sue is all well and doing better. Guess that's the best Christmas present you can get from God... ^_^

  2. Yeah, he's my little miracle. Looking back, it's all worth it.