Saturday, October 17, 2009

I hate getting sick

I lost my voice.

I tried so hard to not get sick, but there's always some inconsiderate sick people talking right into my face, sometimes coughing right in front of me. Don't they know they are not suppose to do that to anybody, let alone a pregnant woman?

I tried and tried not to get sick. I tried to eat healthy food, tried avoiding sick people.. and yet, I failed. I m sick. I lost my voice completely. The day I had sorethroat I went to the doctor immediately. I was told that they do not accept patient who just got sick, they need to be over 4 days sick before the doctor can check on them. Fortunately I'm pregnant so I can go visit the doctor,and because of the H1N1, they give priviledge for pregnant women. The doctor checked my throat and took a sample, I guess I m just having sorethroat or I'd have been quarrantined by now. The doctor told me I should be alright by today, but I guess she is wrong.

I hate getting sick. I hate those phlegm got stucked in the throat. I m trying very hard not to get sick. I feel like a failure, not be able to stay healthy and protect the unborn. Yet it's the flu season now, seems like everybody's getting sick, and in my case, I feel like I'm not getting cure fast enough. It feels so bad to be so sick. I hate it when the seasons changes and I usually get sick.

I was not given any medication. Unlike in M'sia, we used to get a bunch of medicine whether you are really sick or not. Those doctors just want to charge more by giving more medicine. We only get antibiotic usually, and sometimes tylenol , so far these 2 are the most common medicine available here, nothing for coughing, nothing for sorethroat. I guess the doctor expect you to be alright by yourself without any medication in a couple of days, but in my case, I'm not recovered yet.

I'm just hoping to get better day by day. Trying my best to not get so sick. Poor little baby have to bear it with me. I hate getting sick.

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