Saturday, October 3, 2009

16 weeks and counting

16 more weeks before baby is born.
People always ask me how do I feel or if I'm excited.
Is it normal that I do not have a particular feeling towards it? Other people seems to be more excited than me for some reason.

I just do not what to be worried about it, yet, until later. Why will I be all worry when I have my last 16 weeks to have my carefree motherless life and you know life will never be the same after the 16 weeks. People start telling me that it's not that bad... and then they continued with stories of having the problems during deliveries... that I do not need to know, yet.

I guess I'm just not all that ready yet. I do not know how to change a diaper, to breast feed or to burp the baby. The baby look so fragile and I do not wish to break anything. Will I be a bad mother? How am I even be able to change the baby clothes or bathe the baby? It all sounds too complicated to me already.

People said motherhood is an instinct for every woman. I guess my time is not here yet, when I'm ready, I will try to do my best, and not break any bones. Scary as it is, I will be able to make it.. All I wish now is to have a healthy baby boy.


  1. sue hun u can do it. u will be a perfect mommy.u might not get used to it in the beginning but after sometimes it comes in handy. i know its easy for me to tell u but i am 9x aunties...i used to change diapers(exclude clearing the baby's poo), feeding the babies (in the bottle la), to burp them (u must tap their back upwards-to their neck ya), singing lullaby and put them to sleep...ive been doing all this since i was 13years old when my first nephew was born and until today i still help out my sister in laws.BUT i cant imagine when my time comes...i still puzzle..can i do it to my own baby??ggrrr...

  2. sue..its normal that ppl around us are more excited than us. haha. I had the same experience like you, no particular feelings till the bb is born..enjoy yr carefree time and when baby arrive, just do what you think is right and am sure you will be a great mommy. can always skype me if you want for virtual help :P

  3. thanks girls...
    i m not sure about lullaby.. i m not a very good singer.. poor baby..
    will have to depend on daddy