Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hawaii, Honeymoon, Paradise.

I haven't update my blog for while. Well, the reason this time was because I was on holiday, and you are not suppose to be busy with the media and all that when you are on vacation. We went to Hawaii last month, and I got sick when we came back.. and then busy as usual. Hawaii has a lot to offer. It has so many different things to see, and you have to stay there for at least 10 days to cover everything. Hubby asked me where I wanted to go, and I said Hawaii, and I am glad that I did.
We took a doorless helicopter ride over the volcano, and we got a very nice tour from the pilot. It was pretty cool to see the hot lava and the view was spectacular.
I love this view, it reminded me of the tv show, Lost.
The view from our room. You got to spend a bit more to get the ocean view, it's really worth it. We get to look out, and see what's going on everyday, having baileys...watching sunset.
We drove up to Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in the world. You get to see lots of stars there, and even planets.
Romantic dinner, just the 2 of us, watching the sunset, this is life. I wish it was a longer vacation.

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