Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

So how was my(our) Halloween? It was the first, and it was awesome, cold, but cool. We carved the pumpkins a day before, and Noah was a big help, as usual.
There weren't as many kids this year, but it was a good number, and we have an unopened box of chips, and half a box of chocolate bars. Noah got lots of candies for mommy ;) and a lil ball from my neighbour, how considerate of her. Noah loves the ball... and mommy loves the candies.


  1. Wow, the pumpkins are as big as baby Noah! And you got three of them! From your garden or you bought from the market??? :D

  2. We bought it, we had them in the garden last year, but not worth the effort. It's only $2 for a pumpkin! There's even bigger pumpkins than these.