Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I was writing my blog 5 mins ago, when my lil boy turned it off.. by accident.. sigh. Now mommy has to write again, with a sore wrist. It was a busy day yesterday. I went to the doctor to check my wrist.. and had to wait, as usual. Then the nurse sent me to get an x-ray, in another location, and had to wait for more.. They said they'll send the result to the doctor by Wednesday and if there's no news it will be good news for me.

I got a flu shot on the way out, after I saw a big sign " Flu shot available" . It's the flu season again, and I thought it was a good idea to get the shot since I was already there. To cut it short.. after spending so much time.. getting the medical attention needed... I feel sicker than before. My wrist still hurts, my arm is sore from the shot.. and my throat is getting sore.. and I got runny nose.. and the flu shot is suppose to help? I guess not, how irony?

If I m still in malaysia, there'll be probably some chinese doctor that can help massage and make it better.. but here, everything depends on yourself, you have to heal by yourself. There's nothing to make it better. Sigh.. loudly.

I'm just going to rest, hopefully.. I can get some rest.

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