Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting better

Dear readers,

First of all, sorry that I haven't post anything. As you all might guess, I have been busy. Last week, we went to Toronto for my nephew's baptism. Mark was the god father. I can't believe that Thomas grew up so quickly. He was just a little baby a year ago. Now he can walk.. quite quickly.
I got a chance to get some of the chinese food in Toronto. It's not easy to get asian food around here. Everytime when I'm there I'll make sure I stock up enough for a whole month, at least. I still think that I need to get more. I love the roast pork, and also the yam cake.. spring rolls.. along with a dozen of other foods. I guess I just have really bad cravings.. or maybe just being greedy..hehe
I'm feeling a lot better now too. I was quite sick for awhile last month, and my body was pretty weak for a couple of weeks, but I think everything is almost over now (I hope). I'm gaining back my energy and appetite.. but I'm still too lazy to go to work.. Thanks for all your concern and wishes my dear friends, I hope you are all well too.. and don't worry I am a lot better now.

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