Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 I know, I am long overdue. We have been too busy with spring cleaning , and with a nicer weather like that, who can blame me for not having time to be in the house to blog? My kids just wanted to be out every day, all the time! I tried making this cupcake, from kitchenaid recipe book but it wasn't successful, it doesn't look anything like the picture. It's suppose to be cream cheese top with chocolate bottom, and nice swirls.

Here's something that I like, it's a recipe for marble cake, but I added raisin and put them in the cups, the kids loves anything in a cup, and it's easier to store.

 I still need to practice making this chiffon cake. I made it twice, getting better at it. I love chiffon cakes, but not my hubby. Here's a good recipe for this cake. I omitted the extract, and just added a tablespoon of grind lemon or orange peel instead. I think I have to beat the whites a lot longer to get it smoother. Will post the result of my experiment next time.

Tried to make this jelly swissroll but ended in garbage, I don't like it at all. Will have to look for a better recipe for it. Will post only when I find good recipes. I've recently bought a box of recipe books, so I am very eager to try them out. Been baking almost everyday! Noah really loves baking, he's actually pretty good at it!

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